Storyteller. Illustrator. Animator. 
A Creator’s Digital Portfolio.

Artist Bio

Born and raised in New York State, N’Dea Tucker is a creator and visual storyteller, and she has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. 

As her father was an illustrator, she was raised with a technical artistic eye and a love for visual storytelling. Memories of her childhood are filled with wandering through Blockbuster, flipping through comic books, and dawdling in the sci-fi and fantasy sections of bookstores. She has been fascinated by graphic novels, movies, and fantastical worlds from a young age. If she is not obsessing over the latest big budget film, she is creating elaborate stories, tangible worlds, and vivid characters. 

Currently, N’Dea is a class of 2020 Studio Art B.A. candidate at the University of Rochester, seeking careers in illustration and animation.


CV and Resume

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