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“EXI” reads between the lines of the universe. There is order, chaos, and shades of gray. Join three women in a saga that crosses dimensions as they define the bounds of their realities.

Character Design


Eve is the Black Cat, a mistake walking. Wherever she goes, bad luck can’t help but follow. She lives a life of solitude in the sand dunes of a wayward planet. That is, until she literally tripped into the Node, Ada‘s dimension.


Ada is the White Rabbit, a seer in training. She has spent her orphaned life in the Node — a hole in reality where an organization, the Taxis, conducts the universe under guidance of the OverSeer. Their enemy is the Ataxia, lead by Luci.


Luci is the Red Fox, a monarch in exile. Raised as a warrior, she was the Empress Newly Risen of a planet suffocated by oppression. Upon fleeing her duties, she joined the Ataxia, an organization intent on a universe thriving in chaos.

Concept Art

Visual development for the world of EXI.


Three 2’ x 3’ panels
Acrylic on canvas

(Left to right)

EXI Intro: Eve

A reconstruction and extension of the above triptych. 


Pg 1

Pg 2

Pg 3

Pg 4


Three 11” x 23” panels, ink

(Top to bottom)

Reality/Split (Perception series, p.3)


9” x 21”, relief

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