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“Quinta-VI” is the story of a trio on the run: a girl determined to rewrite her history; a boy fleeing his present; and a child with a tentative future. It’s a journey across the universe - where will they end up?


Quinta is the fifth clone of the universe’s greatest outlaw — Quintessence Vale. One after the other, the Quin V. line has terrorized the Rosaceae Galaxy while carefully evading the Night, the galaxy’s greatest policing force. Unlike her predecessors, Quinta has no inclination to harm others. But how to tell the authorities that...?

Quinta, the fifth clone

Q, the fourth

Tessa, the third

Calder, “Cal”

Cal is a boy trying to outrun his past. Secretive and stoic, he is also trying to outrun the Cavilier, the knights of a distant planet on the Rosaceae Galaxy’s edge, called Haven. Beyond Haven, the Cavalier are the only people that know his true identity. What is Cal running from?

Designs for Calder’s suit and board as the Red Sand.


Jayn is a war veteran and bounty hunter. Her life has humble beginnings in the crime-ridden streets of Metro on the planet Paxon. She is first and foremost a fighter, and with her fists and her best friend Jaz, she can get through anything.

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