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Is immortality worth the price of daylight?

Aisha Payne is already having the worst day of her life … when it turns out to be her last. 

After a horrible fateful night, she’s thrown into the underground world of vampires. But Aisha isn’t quite like her fellow creatures of the night - she’s a rare breed of newborn, a daywalker. She is quickly discovered by the R.E.D., a secret government agency monitoring the U.S. vampire population. Should Aisha wish to remain a daywalker, she’ll have to join the R.E.D.’s Sunburn program. 

With this experimental serum comes its terms and conditions. She must refrain from killing a human, spy on her new community, and hunt her fellow creatures of the night. Placed under the watchful eye of the persuasive and charming Harlem Family’s Shah Elijah X, it may be hard to remain so disciplined. But Aisha has her motivations …

Dive into the dark depths of this world, and follow Aisha as she questions life, freedom, and humanity. Is immortality worth the price of daylight?

Meet Aisha

SUBJECT: Payne, Aisha
CATEGORY: Daywalker
PROGRAM: Sunburn, R.E.D. Agent - Hunter

Aisha Payne is looking for something, and no one is quite sure what. With a mean mug and hard glare, she’ll size anyone up in her efforts to stay alive and find what she’s looking for. Freedom, safety, … or maybe something else. Whatever it may be, she needs daylight to find it.

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