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The Desperate Project

     A black night sky, glittering stars, and a lonely heart. Desperate by N'Dea tha Dada, ft. Aïda evokes the yearning loneliness that lingers in all of us. Unabashedly give into your vices and sink into the world of N'Dea tha Dada's Desperate - release date 10/20/23  - produced and performed by N’Dea tha Dada, featuring Aïda, and mastered by Tuck 88.

     Based in New York, N’Dea tha Dada is a musical and visual artist who creates melancholic soundscapes that evoke deep emotion. Her music, composed of alternative melodies over hip hop beats, harkens to 90s era trip-hop, neo-soul, and even grunge. Her music can be likened to artists ranging from Morcheeba and Sneakerpimps to Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. Click the link below to view the digital exhibition, including the music video and accompanying illustrations.


Save the Sound’s 

In December 2022, Tucker was chosen as Save the Sound‘s (an eco-advocacy non-profit based in the Long Island Sound region) December eco-advocate. Her work as a young activist and her eco-advocacy through her work in Quinta-VI is highlighted by the Sound’s phenomenal writer, Kaleigh Pitcher.

The storyboards featured in the article can also be viewed by going to the Work page >> Storyboards.

Nov 2022

Inverted Syntax Issue 4

In November 2022, Tucker’s character art for her original story, Quinta-VI, was featured on the front and back cover of Inverted Syntax’s Issue 4. Her other works, ranging from storyboards to paintings, were exhibited within the issue as well. Click the link below to  learn more.


Introducing Eve

Eve is the centerpiece of the story EXI, an existential sci-fi tale about three women on philosophical journeys. The digital illustration is a recreation of a previous work, an acrylic triptych. The short comic introduces Eve, giving a look into her lonely and repetitive existence. 

May 2020

I am the dark side
of the sun.

Tucker’s 2020 senior thesis work is an exploration of existential nihilism. A guide through philosophical crises, “I am the dark side of the sun.” beckons viewers to strip down and peel back the layers of life and reality.

What is left?

Visual Storytelling and Studio Art

Illustration and animation. Painting and printmaking. N’Dea Tucker’s reality is 2D; her fascination with line and color craft tangible worlds and life-like characters. 


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