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Story Building 


“Quinta-VI” is the story of a trio on the run: a girl determined to rewrite her history, a boy  fleeing his present, and a child with a tentative future. It is a journey across the universe - where will they end up?

Story Building


“EXI” reads between the lines of the universe. There is order, chaos, and shades of gray. Join three women in a saga that crosses dimensions as they redefine the bounds of their realities.

Story Building


Set in New York City, “Sunburn” is the story of an underground community of vampires and the secret government agency that seeks to exterminate them. Join this world and question life, freedom, and humanity. 

I am the dark side
of the sun.

“I am the dark side of the sun.” is N’Dea Tucker’s senior thesis exhibition. Click below to venture into an existential crisis.


”Flat” is Tucker’s new character; the new evolution of “The” from her “I.A.T.D.S.O.T.S.” project. ”Flat” will star in her next upcoming project, “I am the night come down.”

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